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September 11, 2013
Navneet Kaushal Product Listing Ads have 21% Higher Click-Through Rate than Text Ads!
By Navneet Kaushal
According to a report released by Marin Software, Google's Product Listing Ads (PLA) have higher click-through rates in the paid search results than the standard text ads, since November 2012.

The report revealed that shoppers still find PLAs to be more relevant to product searches instead of standard text ads, regardless of the seasonality.

In the month of June and July, PLAs had 21percent higher click-through rate than the text ads. In July 2013, the PLA CTRs increased 19 percent year over year. It has been increasing each month since February. Marin has also revealed that there was a huge growth in PLAs during Q4.

PLAs are cheaper and better performers than standard text ads. While the CPC of PLAs has increased 53 percent year over year, the CPC of text ads too has increased 10 percent. [...]

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