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UK Internet Providers Team Up With Phorm
[2008-03-12] Not sure if this old news or not but interesting all the same if you haven't read about it yet. The NYTimes reported last month that 3 UK Internet providers (BT, Carphone Warehouse and Virginmedia) are teaming up to offer an advertising alternative to that offered by the big 3 search engines.

There Will Always Be A Place For Custom Ad Campaigns
[2008-02-27] The IAB conference just occurred, and John Battelle of Federated Media made the following comments about Wenda Harris Millard's comments during her IAB speech:

Advertising Works Our Nerves (In a Good Way)
[2007-11-21] At last, neuroscience is applying itself to understanding how that extremely artificial endeavor - advertising - engages our basic biological instincts.

Viral Advertising - How Will it Change the Web?
[2007-10-03] The web has long been rich in social and viral marketing elements.

FTC to Host Meeting On Behavioral Targeting and Online Privacy
[2007-09-05] Federal Trade Commission is conducting a Town Hall meeting to discuss several topics on Behavioral Targeting and Online Privacy. This is your chance to participate in the panel and have your voice heard.

What Exactly is an Ad Exchange Really?
[2007-07-25] An experience today made it blatantly clear to me that being in the ad exchange business I take it for granted that I know what actually is an ad exchange.

Even Your Best Ad Copy Could Be Better
[2007-06-28] Consider your ad copy as it stands right now.

Battle of the Advertising Superpowers
[2007-06-20] It's been a crazy couple of months. Not only did my employer agree to be acquired by Yahoo!, but our competitive landscape has changed dramatically with Google acquiring Doubleclick, Microsoft acquiring aQuantive, WPP acquiring 24/7 RealMedia and AOL acquiring AdTech AG to go along with what they already own in

Advertising Tactics that Just Don't Make Money
[2007-05-23] The advertising methods that I am about to talk about are a reflection of what I have tried on my blog from time to time.

Reasons To Outsource Your PPC Campaign
[2007-05-09] The Internet has evolved quite a lot over the past few years. The Internet is no longer a mysterious place.

Email Advertising and When to Use Text
[2007-04-11] The issue of HTML email versus text email usually raises heated debate amongst those involved in email advertising.

Advertising 2.0
[2007-03-13] Marketers take note. Print is dead or dying. There are too many alternatives that are cheaper, more effective and easy to track.

Beaconvertising and New Social Media Phones
[2007-01-29] This post is not about the iPhone. You might have heard that many people believe the latest innovation from Apple will not only revolutionize the mobile phone industry, but maybe even the future of mobile marketing.

Panama Geo-Targeting
[2007-01-17] Yesterday I posted a link to aimclear's blog about his frustrations with getting Yahoo geo targeting features to work for him.

Firefox Developer Criticizes Google
[2007-01-02] Firefox and Google have enjoyed a quaint partnership as of late. The search engine giant has helped sponsor the development of the increasingly popular web browser, and in return Firefox has embedded Google as the default search engine and start page in the application.

Interview with Yahoo's John Slade on Panama
[2006-12-18] There has been quite a bit of buzz on the paid search marketing front with the launch of the new Yahoo! Search Advertising platform aka "Panama".

Can adTV Capture An Audience?
[2006-11-20] A new website will launch in mid-January and be focused on only commercials. The site will be called adTV.

PubCon: Contextual Advertising Optimization
[2006-11-15] Representatives from Yahoo and Google both presented their respective strategies for contextual advertising as part of today's PubCon lineup. WebProNews was on the scene, and here's a rundown of the session.

The Four Es of a Successful Pay-per-Click Advertising Program
[2006-11-01] The good news: you can setup and manage a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising program on Google, Yahoo! or MSN within minutes.

Banner Ad Success and Contextual Improvement
[2006-10-30] Seth Godin gives us an anecdote from Usama Fayyad of Yahoo about a study that showed that contextual text ads saw a 249% increase click-through rate increase after a corresponding banner campaign was run.

Mobile Advergaming: "Advertising To Go"
[2006-10-05] When was the last time you saw somebody who wasn't carrying a cell phone? I know there are folks out there who don't have one. I just don't know them.

Video Advertising Ticks Off the Audience?
[2006-10-04] This is why I appreciate the sponsorship of my ScobleShow that Seagate paid for. They aren't asking me to run stupid video advertising, like the Wall Street Journal talks about today, that pisses off my audience.

Is Confidence in Paid Search Slipping?
[2006-10-03] Click fraud, a term that describes when a paid search ad is clicked on by someone other than an interested consumer (e.g., a third-party who profits from the click because they get a percentage of the ad revenue), is the 1000 lb gorilla in the jungle that is paid search. How's that for a metaphor?

Google Advertising: Winning Battles to Win the War
[2006-09-26] The formula for Google AdWords ad rank changed significantly in August, 2005. As I'm discovering, there are still many advertisers who simply aren't aware of this.

Is There Any Money In Peer-to-Peer?
[2006-09-13] YouTube pays nearly $1 million per month in bandwidth fees, a 7 figure deterrent to some interested in the business. A digital movie seller may only break even, as per-download bandwidth scrapes away at profit margins. There is a growing camp, though, that believes peer-to-peer (p2p) technology can address these barriers.

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